Upper Middle Bogan

Upper Middle Bogan

Having discovered she is adopted and from a family of drag racers in the suburbs, upper middle class doctor, Bess, continues to juggle the fallout of the adoption bombshell and its consequences.

Wednesdays at 8.30pm on ABC COMEDY


  • Annie Maynard, Glenn Robbins, Michala Banas, Patrick Brammall, Robyn Malcolm, Robyn Nevin

Selected Episode

Series 2 Episode 8 Jules In The Crown (Final)

Julie goes to stay with Bess after a falling with her family. Margaret realises the only way to get her out is to make the rest of the Wheelers bring her home.

Broadcast 8:30pm Wed 15 May 2019. Published 4 days ago, available until 9:02pm on 29 May 2019.